Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oooh that smell...

That smell, ooh what could that smell be?
It permeated the bedroom for two days, emanating ominously *i love saying that* from the bathroom.
What, oh what could that subtle, but growing, stench be? It smelled like mildew. My husband decided it was the smell that occurs when you don't use the fan while taking a shower, and then nagged me about the consequences of not using the bathroom fan. Let me quote what he said... "nag nag nag blah blah nag you're fault blah blah nag."

I thought it smelled like wet towel. He suggested the trash can. It's empty, has been for two days because someone throws their trash directly into the sink. Let me quote what I said to him, "nag nag nag trash can right there nag blah blah."

So what is that smell? I think and think, and recall, an incident involving a toddler, cheerios, and milk. Ah HA... It is a mildewy towel, but not just mildew, no, mildew with a light blend of rotten milk. I suddenly panicked, this situation is not unlike the 'bananna and milk stained shirt in the washing machine' incident which resulted in a washing machine full of harmless but disgusting fruit flies. I have isolated the main source of potential future fruit fly breeding, and thrown it away. It's an old towel anyhow. The slightly less-affected peripheal clothing will be washed.

My house will not be a sanctuary for fruit flies. The line must be drawn, and it will be drawn he-ure!

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Melanie said...

Love your blog. You're the greatest. Happy Anniversary. Didn't realize that we both shared April. April 20 here. 4-20, which is some drug reference, so when I worked at Job Corps, I never heard the end of it. Anyway, we're not to 10 yet. We're at 4. Seems like 40 though!