Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday nights

I live for quiet Sunday nights. If I don't have a quiet Sunday night, the rest of my week is all off.

I am hopefully mostly recovered from the weirdest case of 'can't move from the couch' ever. I hate having that really achey tired feeling because that is all about 'getting sick' or 'still sick' or something.

So now my back hurts, but okay, it's because I gardened all day today. I totally cut back these brambly, thorny rose bushes in the front yard. I cut them down far, so they are just stems. They will grow and blossom still, just bigger, prettier, and um, less prickly. They had gotten out of control. Then I transplanted this low-lying plant with bright small flowers from the bed against our house to the front of the rose bush, with two other plants like it. I don't know what they are called, but they are cute, and the flowers are bright. Then I planted heather. I love heather. I planted summer flowering heather, and got rid of this funky grass thing that I hated that was going everywhere. This is all still in the bed that has the now-trimmed rose bush. The summer-flowering heather is nice and yellow with white flowers when it blooms. I have another one to plant in a container. The winter flowering heather doesn't look as lively. I'm going to put it in a container, but it's purple is pale. I have some winter flowering heather out in the back already, and I totally should have cut it back. It looks a bit flat, so when I get to that bed, I will be doing some massive heather cuttings. I think there's too much purple there, though. I love blues and purples in gardens, but maybe in that one area, there's just too much purple.

So my other gardening feat today was to plant some snapdragons, some blue lobella, and two black knights. I'm eager to see how the black knights work out. I planted the lobella and snapdragons to fill in some bare spots. I'm trying to get a mostly perennial garden/yard, because it's um, easier.

My tulips, still growing... hoping they will bloom soon. My hyacinths bloomed, they are gorgeous.

As horrible as my garden looks right now, I'm still excited about it. This is because the rosebush and the area around it that I just cut, looks good. Now I'm going to work on the beds along the side of the house. I'm taking it area by area. If I don't, I'll go nuts. Oh, but I am solving one problem, there is this one bed that has nothing but groundcover, I'm tearing the ground cover up, and planting marigolds straight into the ground. Then I can deal with that bed next year. This year, I have to really deal with the problem of chives. They rule my rose bushes!!!! I wonder if I can make chive soup.

Well, I'm off for an early night of lounging about on the couch or the bed or maybe, who knows, I'll switch... Husband is doing his homework and the kids are all tucked away sleeping and I have to get up too early to go see a trainer and ask him what he recommends since I obviously have hit a plateau weight wise, which I'm not happy about. All I can think of is doing more cardio, sooo I will have to incorporate cardio into my life somehow with the boys. Maybe if it stopped raining, we could do daily walks... oh but wait, rain. Okay it didn't rain today, and I gardened, see? Cardio.


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