Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring cleaning

I told my daughter today that if people didn't spring clean, it would rain til summer.

She didn't believe me.

I did spring cleaning. I cleaned everything except the garage which just needs a nice big trip to the dump, and the bedroom, which is filled with laundry and paperwork moved in from all the other rooms. That's a week-long project, not a Sunday Spring Cleaning Fling...thing...

Okay so I have people coming over tomorrow. The first time ever that I'll have real people over my house. Hubbies friend D. and E. don't count, because um, okay because I don't think they like me, so it doesn't matter ha ha. W. and S. don't count as real people because they know the real me. People who know the real me don't count, and if they 'get' me, or understand how my mind works, well, that pretty much places them out of the realm of reality. Sorry guys, sorry El.

The batteries in my wireless mouse are critically low. I must replace the batteries to ensure the mouse works properly.

We all know when I will actually replace the mouse batteries.

So, as usual, during one of my 'must clean it all' modes, I choose a weekend when I'm swamped. I had a 'research reference project' to do, my allergies kicked in without warning, Hubby was in a mood because it's the first week of his new job and he's sort of experiencing the backlash of all that emotional hooplah the past couple of months, the boys were clingy cranky snot-bubbling red-cheeked whiny cling-ons and the only person not on my 'you are driving me crazy' list bailed to her friend's. I got a hold of her tonight though muahahahaa. Tomorrow I promised her an hour of mommy and daughter watching a brit com. Ahh, I love that kid. But it means that it's now 11:25. Again, I have to get up at 5:20 a.m. but I wont' hit the sheets til midnight because I'm actually washing the slipcovers on my couch. The final four are in the dryer. If you saw the way my boys smooshed their snot into those babies, you'd wash them too.

Something about spring cleaning and allergies though. For some reason, I always pick a weekend when my allergies are awful. It's like, aaahchoo, headache, sore throat, aaah, it must be spring... time to clean... I took clariton last night, but it takes a couple of days to kick in. Oh but, inhaling all those cleaners cleared my sinus' right up. Gave me a killer headache, but solved the sinus issue for a while. There are people who really can't be trusted around cleaners. I'm one of them. I overbleach. I use one cleaner on one surface, run out of it, rince it, and toss another one on it. I use windex, 409 and pine sol interchangeabley. I use comet on everything in the bathroom except mirrors. I can't be trusted. But hey! My house smells clean! Oh and I aired it out. During the major allergy weekend. I want to be sure we all suffer. But the house needs fresh air. I want a pollen remover gidget :)

Well, it's time to finish up and try to get some sleep before my way-too-early workout tomorrow. *I'm going to drink coffee before I go to the gym this time :)

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