Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ado nothing

Today I let Drama spent a gazillion amount of time sitting in her nightgown playing WoW on my computer. She did this from 11 til 2, and then 3 til 4. She's level 5 and proud, and is trying to send her mommy's character (level 18-19ish) some pretty trinket, how sweet. She's not had a chance to be completely bummy and lazy in a looong while without me booting her outdoors or giving her a chore.

I'm not encouraging her to go and play outside like I would normally do. It's the last week of summer, I'm sick of the kids, and I think they need a break from each other. (rehash I know, but just keeping you up to date) so I finally, at 2, made her get dressed. I finished In Cold Blood, and should be able to sleep again, provided a giant snoring dragon doesn't fall from the sky and land on me again.

I looked out my window to see a neighbor walking his anklebiters and it dawned on me, there are a lot of anklebiters in my neighborhood. It's like, dog-lover-lite... I digress...

Sept. 5 is the first day of school here. We still have to do clothes shopping, but hey, school supplies are done!

So I'm ready to claim quiet afternoon time to Mom again, next week. I can't wait!

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