Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A brief entry

I'm trying to shrink my diatribes. Maybe bigger font? More paragraph breaks? Suburban Mom has a nice, easy-to-read format. I don't know if she does HTML or just can format better. I'm going to start working on learning HTML so I can be cleverer on my blog ha ha or at least trick you into thinking all my diatribes are really short. And no, I'm not actually sure if I'm using diatribe, or even spelling it, correctly.

So today's mom's club meeting was kinda fun. I have to admit, I'm glad I stuck with them. There are moms that don't seem to click with me, but their kids are all a few years older, so not the 'normal' group. The other moms are slowly warming up to me. Probably because I'm becoming less flaky and more casual ha ha ha. The grumpy vibes I got, well, I haven't seen those moms in a while. Maybe they left :). I mean, I haven't 'clicked' or hit it off super well but at least I don't feel awkward around the group anymore. Plus, one mom started a mom's night out movie night WOOT.

Anyhow, today was a 'magazine swap' where you bring your old magazines and everyone goes through and picks the one they want. The upside to this is, you get to get rid of all your old magazines, and if you're smart, come home with less. I brought six, I came home with two. All my magazines went, so I didn't have to haul any of them back. Real Simple is a hit with this group. I didn't bother bringing my Sunset magazines, because I believe it's a requirement of living in the Northwest that you have a subscription. Surprisingly, my Shape's went too. Who woulda thunk! I thought I was the only one convinced I could be tone and muscular and a Shape reader model.

The boys LOVED the backyard playset. A couple of the moms have similar playsets which is great, because it would never fit in our backyard. So I actually got to have happy chat time. As usual though, the boys collected every train in the house and walked around with them.

The neighbor girls are acting weird. I drove Drama to art class, and they ran and hid so Drama wouldn't see them. I saw them, but didn't bother telling her. I'd rather she move on from them. The two are both younger than her, one by four years, the other by two. One is starting first grade, the other 2nd or 3rd, my daughter 4th. I don't really mind her playing with the slightly older one, but that other one just causes too much trouble. (see previous, crazy long diatribe in the weekend report) I am not encouraging her to 'go out and play' with her friends this last week. I think a break from them will do her good. But I'm not fobidding her either. That just never works. I wish she'd listen to me, but well, all moms know how THAT goes. But her behavior isn't the behavior of a child who 'is friends with Drama again' as she put it. Yes yes I know she's just a kid, but a kid with few boundaries, and frankly, she's just going to be trouble. I bet you anything she's a bully in school. Shit, she bullies my almost-ten-year-old!

I just got my two new slow cooker cookbooks in. The healthy one has 100 recipes, of which, I predict, 5 will be good. The other, non-healthy one, is a tome. I'll have to adjust ingredients. I'm a big believer in switching out all the fat bad bad ingredients for less-fat-bad ones. If they are really good, I'll share.

How was that?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Try to learn HTML? I'd try learning Chinese, it's probably a lot easier.

Lahdeedah said...

Learn HTML in Chinese?

The book says it's easy though!

Anonymous said...

Uh...yeah, of course the book says it's easy...the author wants your money:P

I've also been told that Chinese is easy...at least compared to Korean.