Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Pre-September Week!



August is way too long by far....

Wow. My last two blogs were whopping long.

Well, not this one.

This one is just to announce that the first day of

"The Whole Flippin Frackin Freakin Family Will Rise At 7 a.m. for Breakfast and Then Will Clothe and Ready Themselves For the Freakin Day" has been a success.

McRed set the alarm, and despite midnight visit from Bear, and just-became-dawn visit from Turbo, we both woke up at 7, along with Bear, who HAS to be up when others are, no matter how tired. Turbo just took over the bed. I woke Drama who was so groggy and clueless she actually woke up and slept-walked to the kitchen. I made muffins. Everyone ate. They lounged til 8 but next week school starts and I imagine less lounging since Drama needs two hours to get ready for school and McRed's schedule usually follows the family's, meaning once everyone else is ready at 8 he'll be ready and out the door at 8. Though I'm not opposed to some lounge time in the mornings, this family DOES draw it out...

I'm mightily pleased with myself. Personally, I'd like everyone up at 6:30, but I know this family's limits.

So next week, there will be no moody tired first day blues! My daughter will already be on schedule! WOOT, and by 9 a.m. the boys and I will be ready for our day! Tres excited.

Did I mention I'm 'preschooling' them at home? Okay preschool isn't really necessary at this age (and very pricey) but I figure fun preschool stuff at home will give us all 'mom and boy' time and help them slowly break away from the Thomas Cult. (I had to FIGHT them to put on the Doodlebops over Thomas. You KNOW it's desperate when I do that. I HATE the Doodlebops! I would prefer Sesame but I'm saving that for the afternoon.

Happy Monday!

Happy Pre-September Week!


WHHEEEEEE I smell fall on the air, she's a coming, and I'm a fricken' happy about it!

p.s. on an entirely unrelated note, does anyone know HTML, and if so, is it hard to learn?


Suburban Turmoil said...

I'm going to be "preschooling at home" too. But only because I can't afford preschool! I figure I can teach her everything myself, anyway.

Lahdeedah said...


I didn't stress this part ha ha:

If I COULD afford preschool, aside from the co-op preschools (I don't WANT to volunteer, I want to drop them off for two hours and slink away to the coffee shop) I WOULD do it that way, too. Poor little Turbo would learn to embrace the structure while I pretended to fret over my mocha.