Monday, August 28, 2006

My New Friend

Okay so we all know I have 'friend issues.'

I can't find one. I have some, but they are in Virginia, and frankly, are being a bit selfish, and refuse to move into my city.

My neighbors aren't really welcoming though our kids play together, so I've somehow become the 'snubbed mom.' This is only by three other moms, the rest of the neighborhood kinda sticks to themselves. I can deal with it. Maybe they will move soon :) ...

In general, I'm having a hard time adjusting to the Washington vibe. I'm still giving off East Coast vibes. My vibrator's not working... ha ha ha ha...ahhh. sad I know.

Today at the lake park up the road, a blonde woman kept making eyes at my boys and me. This, of course, is the pre-conversation check-out. So I checked out her boy and her. I liked her immediately because she had on a gawd-awful sun hat. Anyhow, we start chatting, of course, about the boys, and it turns out she's a twin. Ooh me too! COMMONALITY. Score. Uh-oh. She's Russian. There goes commonality. Oh but wait! She's seperated from her sister, and hasn't seen her in years and misses her, like, a LOT okay, commonality two, I was seperated from my sister for years, and of course, SORELY missed her.

Anyhow, we totally bonded over the separated from family, being a twin, being separated from twin, and being a mom and stuck home all day rote. We exchanged numbers. Ostensibly to get her to a mom's club meeting, but lets be honest, I'm hoping to score a playdate at McDonalds at the least. She seemed really interested. But for all I know really interested is the cultural equivalent of 'will you leave?' She seemed really glad for the conversation, and told me it was very interesting. So, even if we never talk again, we both at least had the same opinion on our conversation, and it was definitely the best conversation I've had with another mom in a long time that didn't take place over AIM. Heck, I even stayed another 40 minutes just to continue talking to her.

One small hitch, her three year old only speaks their language, one that from what I gathered is similar in dialect to Ukranian. Now, for kids I don't think that's a big deal. Toddlers talk with their bodies anyhow. Well, even if we never speak again, I have to admit, I liked her so much, that I really hope she finds something for her that cheers her up. She talked about taking classes, but I don't think she had that set up yet. I hope she does. That'd be a great way for her to get out. I have to admit, the one thing I recognized in her that I see in me, is this total eagerness to MEET someone that can relate. I'm surrounded by moms, but for some reason, we aren't relating. I have a feeling that while for many moms, they have friends and don't feel this sense of not relating, there are a whole slew of others that are sort of slipping between the cracks. I also think that there are some of these moms in my mom's club. Well, duh, I suppose that's one of the reasons they joined...

So if you see a mom and everyone's talking about her like she's the latest gossip dish, are you the woman that will reach out to her, or will you flee to the relative safety of group mom psychotics?

I suppose it depends on who you are.

I have a feeling bloggers tend to not be so hot with the group mom psychotic league.

p.s. I just finished watching International House Hunters and now suddenly have this urging to buy a flat in Amsterdam, and be a European.

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