Monday, August 07, 2006

Stinky kids, stinky mom

I stink. I just noticed that. It's because it was hot out today and I was running around trying to do a gazillion things.

My kids stink too.

Everyone is getting a bath tomorrow after Mister Appraiser comes by. We are refinancing, and he is just going to tell us our house is worth as much as we say it is. It should be fine. We're not actually refinancing for how much the house is currently worth.

But we spent the week doing all sorts of projects and cleaning, to the point where tomorrow, I'm going to rush through my last final, which I'll probably do horrendous on, and then goof off gloriously all tomorrow night and all day Wednesday. I can't wait. But dont' tell my husband. He would get grumpy knowing that I was taking an 'easy' day while he was working. But I've spent soo much time on papers for classes, house projects, cleaning, yard projects etc etc so he can wait.

Now, we only have a few minor projects to finish and they are mostly his muahahah. My next project is the boy's room. I can't wait.

Man though I wish I could just blow off that last final...

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Bath time!