Thursday, August 24, 2006

blog blog

I am taking a few days off (again) from blogging.

I just have nothing witty or clever to say.

well, I never have, but seriously, I have NOTHING to say.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Come back please!

dragonflyfilly said...

i saw you over at El Kapitano's blog, and was drawn to your "handle";.. you see, "Laa Dee Dah" was an expression i used to use when i felt people (some) were talking down to me. You know, how some people do, they use that tone of voice like they know more about something than you do, and want to make sure you know they do? Well anyway, i do go on...

so i was reading about the highway and the long trek to the shopping mall, and like you, while i used to like shopping, i now cannot tolerate all that traffic, ugh.

i used to love to go to Bellis Fair Mall, then discovered another one with some really trendy/high-end stores, nicer shoes expecially....but since 9/11 i hate the thought of crossing the border, those authority figures scare me! - and they ALWAYS give me the third degree - anyway, i do want to go over the line soon as i have heard about a store there where you can get eggs and other grocery items at less than half the price that they are in Canada....

well, hope you feel like visiting my Blog, and i am sure you will find witty or clever to say soon, but who made THAT rule...we don't mind if you just be yourself, just say what you pressure, for me that is what writing on the Blogs is all about!

cheers for now,
pj at Flamingo's Hideaway