Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend in (not so) brief

(but don't forget to read my lament on Dentistry ha ha)


Neighbor girl and Drama fight. Neighbor mom assume's it's my daughter's fault. I assume her daughter isn't quite so innocent. She sends my daughter home. I tell daughter neighbor girl is too young (and mean and bossy and all that). Drama is upset and sulking for an hour while I try to cheer her up. I tell Drama to stop hanging with girls that young (she's going to be ten, the other girl is 6, it's just ASKING for trouble). McRed decides I 'handled it wrong' and I got mad. HELLO. All I could do was get Drama out of there, since the mom already started with the "Honey I've never seen you this upset" (please) "Well Drama, are you calling her a liar? Did you call me a mean mom?" argh. I mean, come on. Her daughter changed the story three times. The mom put my kid on the defense. There's no way the truth was going to come out. The kid (hers) was crying. So whatever. I have my ideas. I'm sure my daughter isn't 100 percent innocent, but neither is the other girl. I've seen her at work.

Thirty minutes later, at the ice cream truck, neighbor girl asks Drama to play! All smiley and over it! Her mom says no. We go home. My poor girl WANTED to play with her. Whatever. So later we send her over to her other friend's home, but she's SCARED of the other MOM! (apparently she really does think she's a mean mom....) so she goes walking hesitantly when all of a sudden neighbor girl and the other neighbor girl call her name... what does my brave, righteously indignant, strong-minded girl do? She BOOKS it. I've never seen her run so fast in my life! "DRAMA STOP IGNORING US' um excuse me? Okay okay they are kids, I get it, but COME ON. Like, um, whatever. So what does she do? She stops and talks to them. They had bikes, she couldn't run away ha ha, they book it around the corner after her and they talk her back to the street corner. Then what do I see? The other mom talking to my daughter. I was livid. Hello. She did NOTHING. They called to her. So I couldn't go out because I was saddled with crying toddlers. McRed went out. Go Daddy Go. Go Daddy Go. I was so mad though. So yeah they 'worked it out' yeah because McRed went out there and made sure my daughter got her fair say! He was all acting cool but I know he was annoyed because he ran out in his lounge shorts that could be mistaken for boxers, and t-shirt and socks. And I'm still confused on my neighbors. So whatever. So she says to me 'Looks like they are friends again' and neighbor girl says 'is it true i'm not allowed over to your house and Drama can't come over to mine?' (DAMN Drama for telling her other friend that ha ha) and I said 'well not if you aren't friends.' But I made the rule because I was tired of it! Anyhow, what do I know. She will learn the hard way that having a friend four years younger than you when you're about to hit puberty is not going to work.

ps. i don't hate the girl next door, I think it's just her age. But I believe that you shouldn't give a kid crap when her mom's not around UNLESS that kid just did something like you know, key your car or beat your kid.


McRed melted down. Morning long battle that was, really, dumb, and over, and I was just an innocent victim of 'term paper due tomorrow but haven't started it' stress. So not fair. Will be discussing said unfairness of that later.

Went to dentist. See previous post on Dentistry. One thing I love about this dentist is the whole 'watch a movie while they work' thing. You can't hear the drilling, and so what if the occasional spittle leaps in front of your eyes, your numb, you can't feel anything, and you're being entertained. After the morning I had, it was actually relaxing. And, now all my gums are super bacterial-ridden clean. Well, on one side. They refuse to numb your whole mouth, so it's two appointments.

Came home and read one of my mind candy books, Undead and Unwed. Loved it.

Loved it so much forgot to keep track of the time and the boys, who went down for a nap at two
slept until 7 p.m. YIKES. They ended up staying up til 9:30 p.m. Sometime in the middle of the night, Turbo climbed into our bed. I didn't wake up for it, but should have been suspicous when I dreamt of a dog wearing a Thomas the Tank sweater....


McRed in great mood because he is almost done said Term Paper. I'm goofing off blogging, and pretending the mess that is in my kitchen isn't there, nor the one in the living room. I'm excited about our new schedule tomorrow (family, all of them, up at 7 a.m. for breakfast and out the door by 8 woot) and am eager to start writing now that I'm somewhat organized. (Laundria has not been back)


I'm optimistic. I still run the mom's club book club (I can not read Cold Blood at night, I lay awake listening for sounds of psychotic serial killers lurking in the darkness) and smile and wave at my neighbors, but I no longer expect anything of them, and I care less every day. One of the neighbor's girls "MAY" take gymnastics with my daughter, but that won't last long because they are talking about my daughter moving up a level soon.

The best part? August, my least favorite month, with January, I can never figure out which one I hate most, is ALMOST over!


dragonflyfilly said...

hi there "lahdeedah", thanks for stopping by my Blog, and for the comps. (people often think my blog is whimsical, but if they check out the archives they will see that i do have my serious side) and WHAT A GREAT IDEA, yes, i shall do that, get the washable kind! absolutely!

yes, how true, i remember the exact same thing happening with my daughter when she hung out with girls her own age and younger - she always got on much better with "more mature" children!

But sometimes the adults are just as foolish as their children, eh, you would think the mom could handle it better, yes? - pardon me but that other mom (i think i mean McRed) sounds like she "has issues", dontcha think?

Shame, poor "kid next door" - it is probably just her age, combined with a stupid mom, sorry, but sometimes some adults are really really dumb and the kids learn that from them, so it is really difficult when smart kids want/need to be friends with them. My daughter always gave other kids the benefit of the doubt, which is what she learned from me, then they dumped all over her...she is a lot tougher than me now, and i am learning from her...

hhah hah hah, i laughted when i read about you letting the boys sleep until 7:00, that is really funny!

must go and have something to eat,

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Look on the bright side; August is nearly over.