Monday, April 03, 2006

Anniversary Weekend

Friday morning, we packed up and headed out. We were reminded constantly throughout the trip why we were dropping the kids off and heading out on our own for the weekend. Some kids travel well. Then, there are our kids.

We ditched them. My eldest couldn't wait til we left. Twin B was too busy giggling to notice us leaving, but Twin A, ahhh, that boy, too much thinking in that brain of his... he saw us, and silently, quietly, determinedly, without making eye contact, just started walking with my husband back to the truck heh... he was soooo on to us.... almost made me feel bad... almost... the look on his face made me want to pick him up and hug him and apologize for even CONSIDERING for a moment leaving his preciousness, but I realize what that look is, and if I cave in to it now, than he will recognize the true power it holds, and will not hesitate to unleash it on the world. I don't know WHY his look, that face, that expression, it's like he's radiating thoughts outward... his sister can't do it, his brother can't do it, but man, he's got it. We fear, my husband and I, with that one. We just don't know who we fear for, him, or the world.

So I shook the look and embraced the maniacal mean mom in me and laughed all the way to the hotel while my husband focused all of his willpower on making the traffic go away... we got there, valet parking, free, yes, free. They took our bags to the room for us, we checked in, gorgeous hotel, really nice. Cute concierge, possibly gay not sure, I'd ask my husband but he's got the world's worst gaydar. Cute doormen. The hotel had a vintage feel to it, which suited me fine. We went up to the room and checked out the bathroom, ahhh the tub. At the sight of the tub, our plans for the night were pretty much made... wine tasting in the lobby, dinner at the restaurant, Pazzo's, very worth it, and um, the rest of the night in the tub, with lavender and rose accents.

The tub was huge. It was as tall as me and you needed a step to get in it. It had two seats and lots of jets and the hotel had enough hot water to fill it. My husband informed me we can't have one in our house because our floor isn't strong enough to hold it. So there was a bottle of champagne and rose petals strewn about. My husband didn't care for the rose petals but I loved them. While he was sleeping, I threw the petals all over him, muahahaaa. Between the lavender bath salts and the rose petals, he smelled florarly the whole weekend. I wonder if that in anyway influenced his decision to break out of navy, gray and black shirts and flirt with stripes in shades of blues, purples and dare I say the color, lilac.... Well they look good on him anyhow. He actually purchased something from Bananna Republic, the store that hates short, curvy women. P.S. some of my tall friends should go check out their pants though, they are comfortable and made for long legs.

So, what did we do all weekend?

Well, DUH, ten year anniversary... big ass tub, king-sized bed .... why are you asking?

Anyhow, we also got some major shopping in, walked through Portland's Saturday Market, got bored with the Pearl District *not quite the right season* and found out where all the bums in Portland live. *Burnside Bridge if you're ever in the area and need to get rid of some old blankets, food, booze... We then wandered around downtown and had fun shopping without children. We went to one of those sushi places that have the private screens and the mats, but, the best thing? they recognize westerners mostly have bad knees, so they put holes under the table, so it LOOKS traditional, but you're really comfortable... I haven't had sushi in so long, I pretty much just inhaled it all. We tried saki, hot, and well, I think people who say they like saki just say it too sound oh, special. I mean, it WILL warm you up...

So what did we learn after ten years of marriage?

We're going to have a blast when the kids are finally out of the house... 16 years and counting...
We're going to do this again, 20th anniversary a cruise.
One night into the weekend, the cruise was moved to the 15th anniversary.
Second night into the weekend, the cruise was moved to 'the first anniversary we can afford to drop a few K on the cruise'

We also decided when we will do another weekend getaway... we are going to give the kids to my sister and brother-in-law as soon as is reasonably decent... probably after I do a visit with the kids to spend time with my loving, adoring, wonderful, sister who is the best aunt in the whole world and the uncle whom the children adore so much they even now, in their sleep, are dreaming about the next time they can spend time there, sharing special moments with their aunt and uncle, and the two big slobbering beasts they've come to love so...

Really, it'd be easier if my husband's step-father and his mom moved out here, than we could alternate.... but you can't expect people to change their entire lives just to suit you, but still, one can send out the 'move out west' vibes, it's not like vibes are traceable. Can't prove it anyhow.

We picked up the boys Sunday. My daughter wanted to stay. The boys got their jackets on and said 'bye bye.' My son, the one with that look, glared at me until he was satisfied I understood his displeasure with my leaving him. He then wouldn't go near me for an hour. Boy, that kid can hold a grudge. My other son? His emotions are immediate. He's VERY happy or VERY mad or VERY sad. Then, after the VERY big explosion of associated emotion, he's back to normal, which is, well, loud.

So today was 'back to normal' day. What did I do, my first day back in messy suburban life? Um.
Well. I made it to the gym this morning to discover I'd been ratted out on last weeks' McDonalds trip... oooh I hope sparky gets her curling brush stuck in her hair... after that wonderful weekend to be ratted out... then, I went home, and recovered by sleeping for three hours :). Tomorrow is back into schoolwork, housework, momwork and paperwork.

That word, work... /shudder

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