Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Beautiful Day

It was nice and sunny out, and not at all wet, or cloudy. It was sweater weather.

So after a hectic morning of cleaning, cleaning and cleaning for people to come look at, but not buy, my house, I dropped Drama Girl off at her friend's tenth bday party at the local questionably-reputable bowling alley and took off for the library with Turbo and Bear.

We got distracted by the sparkling blue of the man-made lake and pretty green grassy hills of the park up the road from my house, and upon hearing cries of 'the water the water' I said, do you want to go there?

Like, duh Mom.

One left turn later, we were in the parking lot and headed toward the water where we, in no particular order: Walked along the edge of the water, went down the slide, lasted ten seconds on the swing, threw rocks with mommy in the water, splash, splash, plop, mommy is bad at skipping rocks, walked on the dock because it looked like a bridge over water, with mommy doing the death-grip-hand-hold maneuver, saw a leather (letter? leather?) back sea turtle and talked to it, (rock sculpture of a turtle) walked along cement edges, ran up and down green hills and got our shoes muddy.

THEN after an hour of that, we went to the library for another stash of train books.

It was a gorgeous day.

Drama is still not home, but the birthday party is over and she is spending more time at her friend's home. It should be a totally quiet evening.

Realtor update:

I had four realtors visit today. No one took the offer packets.
No one wants my house.

Whoever keeps track of the hits on their blog, which counters do you use? Any recommendations?

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The Curmudgeon said...

I use Technorati... and obsess over it. As if fussing over it would get people to stop by.

It may be that I'm just an obsessive sort: I obsessed when I was trying to sell my house 10 years ago, too.

We had two houses on either side of the same parish for 14 months.

That's another thing I'm going to blog about one of these days.