Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snowy March and April

So the last line of a weather report for Denver, Colorado explained how Colorado's early snow, yes, early, as in, January snow is 'early', might solve some of their drought problems, especially since March and April are typically the snowiest months.


I mean, yeah, I expected a snowstorm in March, you know, one big one to end the winter, but apparently, no, April is snowy, too. April Showers implies rain, but in Colorado, it's 'snow.'

I wonder what I can grow there?

I wonder if I'm truly ready to return to a life of winters... I mean as much as I say I miss snow, there is something to be said for, you know, just enough snow to snap a few pics, call it winter, and hang up the gloves for another year.

We had some snow last night. Took the munchkins out for a walk in it and told some adults, yes, adults, to keep their kids out of my yard. They weren't just walking past, the kids were sitting on my lawn making snowballs and tossing them at each other, while the adults hung out on the sidewalk in front of someone else's yard. Now, I personally teach my children to keep out of other people's yards, unless you are visiting. If it were just kids, I would have sent them on my way. Kids are kids, I wouldn't yell or be mean, I'd just say, hey kids, outta the yard, there's a park down the road.

But the adults? They were SHOCKED. Yes, shocked, that I told them to keep the kids out of the yard. Manners? Maybe they were just shocked somebody said something to them. Though I think another adult also told them to you know, get lost. I mean, go play in your own yard, and barring that, the park down the road.

As it were, and I know that above paragraph made me sound, curmudgeony, but this just screams 'old.'

The children are sledding down the middle of the road.

The same road that has a speed limit of 25 but people routinely do 35 down. Yes, it's the back of a neighborhood, yes it snowed, however, many people still drove to work, and there is still traffic. I don't care if you can see all the way down the hill. It's dangerous and dumb.

I'm the only parent in this neighborhood that feels this way. Again, though, as I walked past a couple of kids doing this, I saw two moms put their little preschooler/kindergartners in a sled, sat behind them, and sledded down the middle of the road.

This boggles me. It's not like we live on a hilly road with three people and all three people are home and outside. It's not like they are sledding down a hill onto a road that no one uses. No, they are sledding down the middle of a hilly road, that hasn't been plowed, and is slippery and icy, so any cars coming down the road don't have as much, say, brake power or control. This is not a country neighborhood, either. This is a neighborhood in a city. Ugh.

Last time it snowed, becauese every year it can snow from 0-3 times, my daughter, Drama, came in gushing about how she sledded, and when we inquired as to where, and she told us, McRed and I smiled, and said she was never allowed to do that again, and we didn't care that there was a parent with them.

All parents wonder why their children do some of the things they do. But these parents, don't they understand that by teaching their kid it's okay to sled down the middle of the road are sending a message that doing dumb, dangerous things is okay? Or is it not dumb and dangerous and I'm just being silly...

I remember as a kid of about 12 riding on the hood of older friends cars, it was transport from the bus stop to our home... and I should specify, older brother's friends cars... and this went on until the moms caught us, and I mean, all the moms... and didn't that just end right then and there.

I wonder if some of these moms would be driving the car with the kids on the hood...

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