Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Spicy tea

That's my new hair color.

Let me recount this brief interaction with my mom.

Me: "I'm dying my hair."

Mom: "Oohh what color?"

Me: "Spiced tea, a light auburn."

Mom: "That sounds nice. Why are you coloring it?"

Me: "Because my hair is dull, boring and mousy."

Mom: "Oh. It's not your hair that's dull and boring, it's your life. Changing your hair color won't fix that."


Me: "No, but at least my hair won't be dull and boring anymore."

Mom: "Well, that's true. I'm sure it'll be nice."

It's not nearly as spicy or tea-ish as you'd think. It is nice though. Better than dull mousy brown. My sons accepted my new hair color because I gave them a simple explanation.

"Yes, mommy painted her hair red."

The red hair, which is really more like a red tint on my mousy brown hair, is my response to 2006. I, apparently, went through 2006 with the same attitude as my hair color. I am rectifying that in 2007. I'm going to be spicy. I'm going to be tea. Chai, Vanilla. To be exact.

I made no new years resolutions either. I refuse to commit. I do plan on going to the gym again because I did see myself in some photos, and man do I photograph fat. With a double chin. If people can't learn to make me look pretty in pictures, than I'm going to learn photoshop and start altering them. Because I see myself in the mirror and while I have my pale days, and do sport a couple of unwanted pimples (AT MY AGE!) on a ghastly does-the-sun-exist pallor, I do not look fat! And my double chin is not that prominent! Oh but on film, on picture, where it'll be recorded.... I hereby am banning pics of me.

Now for the house stuff.

I contacted a realtor via email. I love email. No voices. The truth is I'm not ready for one to come by til AT LEAST NEXT YEAR er Monday, because I have some MAJOR cleaning to do and some touch up painting (all the baseboards) and I know they will be like 'paint this, fix that, do this' and the answer is 'no money, sorry, can't... as is sale, yeah it sucks' but it's not that bad I don't think. I just have a real estate agent thing. See, they are sales people. I hate sales people. Even when they are working for me! I get grumpy around them. This is why I'm horrible around them. Plus, I really can't do anything more to my house and I know i'ts not in the BEST shape, so i'll take a few hits, but you know... as long as it's on the market I guess. Though my fence fell down again. The neighbors DID say they'd fix it. Then I propped it up, and they didn't. Now that it fell down again, maybe they will fix it. Or it'll have to wait til spring when hubby visits and is handed a 'how to mend fences for dummy' book....

Now lets all take bets...

In this crappy market, how long will I be here?

Ta and Good Riddance 2006!


MommasWorld said...

Yippie! You are imbracing the new year with good spirit. Are you sure you were on the phone with your mom and not mine?

I keep thinking of dying my hair but just to get rid of this Jay Leno gray streak I have aquired. My streak is about a foot long and can be covered by parting my hair on the side. I just dread covering it up 1) I earned those gray hairs fair and square. 2) My complection doesn't look as fair with the bit of gray. When I dye the gray which is nearly silver, my face will look whiter than it would if my hair were... say light auburn. Oh well, I am not brave enough to go red.

Hoping this Spicy Tea, brave woman has her house sold by the end of next week!

Wcy said...

Get Pro-active when money permits it.

I had zits my entire effin life, and first 4 weeks of Proactive, I'm zit free.

I'm a total convert.


Lahdeedah said...

Our moms may have crossed paths... lol.

I think gray streaks are cool. When I go gray, it'll not be silver... no... it'll be drab gray.

Try reddishb brown! It washes out!

WCY... I am going to do that. It's driving me nuts. I'm too old for freakin' oxy 10. I need more like, Ocy 30....