Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Conversation

"What is moderation?"

"Moderation is not eating three-quarters of a pint of Haagen-daaz. Don't even THINK of asking for ice cream for another week."

I left out the start of the conversation, the part where I discovered my tween ate three quarters of a pint of haagen-daaz... right before bed... on a school night no less!

Moving on...

Go Pats Go... they can so make the Superbowl. But they are playing Chicago. In Chicago. Yeeks.

I was supposed to spend the day cleaning for the realtor, but, and actual ADULT came over today, and we watched football. So I"m cleaning the house tonight. And doing some light painting. I'll be up forever. Which means, I'll have to finish up tomorrow, which means, I may not get to start the gym til Tuesday.

I can live with a one day delay.

Isn't this multi-color thing annoying?

Writing... Am writing yes, tonight, no, cleaning, much cleaning. Writing must wait til tomorrow. /sigh. So many good ideas tonight, but, realtor, house, must sell....

Informed Hubby McRed that when he came home for a week in March, his friend, whom I'll refer to as ADULT, offered to help do the landscaping and house stuff. This is my way of letting Hubby McRed know that, no, it's not REALLY going to get done while he's gone becaues um, I'm not like, a construction person, and my one attempt at using super adhesive construction glue resulted in an hour of applying 'Goof Off' to my new floor.... Oh, and that it's been raining forever.

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