Friday, January 05, 2007

broke, so broke...

I wonder how many people are as broke as me.

I mean, it's a rhetorical question. But we are recoving from that slight whole 3-month-unemployment stint. And the income is welcome, but sheesh. Until we sell the house, we're going to be tighter than size 4 jeans on my happy ass.

Budgets are great when you have room to well, budget.

I remember scenes from my childhood. Mainly, 'yes, we mailed the check' half-truths responses to the myriad of bill collectors calling. We're not there. Nor are we at the 'credit counseling' bit where you throw your credit cards at them sob 'i can't take it anymore' and they cut your payments virtually in half and solve it for you while you just cut one small check for a few years. Tempting, but not there yet.

And it's this big secret, right. Because listen people, we are the ONLY ones struggling here. EVERYONE ELSE except us, has it peachy....

Okay I do know that's not true. I'm tempted to buy the total money makeover book with a gift certificate I have to Barnes and Noble, but not sure the book is worth the money until well, we actually HAVE money to fix the budget with.

So that's what I'm going to tell the bill people.

"I'm sorry, the budget is broken, however, as soon as the correct parts come in, the budget will be fixed, and we'll be able to help you." Parts being money.

So back to hoping the house sells soon! I meet the realtor on Monday, and am hoping that my house will be the exception, though it's not 'exception' quality... I mean, you have three kids, three cats in a house decorated for three kids and three cats, you'll know what I mean...

It's Friday, the wind and rain is pommeling, Colorado is getting MORE snow (I mean come on, I hope this isn't a new weather pattern that will last the entire time I live there) and the light in all of this is that my fence won't get knocked down. Because you can't knock down a fence that's already down. You can kick it, but you can't re-knock it down.

Bear and Turbo are in my bed.

"Momma momma" they called after the wind pommeled the windows...

I go to their room and see them standing in the doorway, matching Thomas flannel pajamas *yay I got them to keep their jammies on* Bear cluthching his "dee-dee"

"We need to sleep in momma's bed"

so on the way there... Bear says... 'mommy it's stormy out...'


Defeated by the cute.


Anonymous said...

The weather is crazy this year. It's January and the temperature is 72 here (I think the record high or very close to it). It's giving the snow resort people financial problems. They need the temperature to be 28 for optimal snow making. I heard on the news last night that some of the cherry trees are blossoming already. I want my snow! Colorado is being selfish.


MommasWorld said...

The first two weeks after Christmas are a bit tight for most of the general public so you are definitly not alone. We are canceling a trip next weekend because I really blew a fortune at the stores last weekend. Ok, it was one store and I was coming down with a bad cold. Why did they let me in?! ha, ha, ha. I spent over $300 on just "stuff". Nothing substantial, just "stuff" I apparently needed.

I think it is cute the boys want to be in Mommy's bed. Soon they will be all grown up and you will remember this fondly.

Hope 2007 treats you and your family to wonderful adventures and relaxing times too.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Post-Christmas is not easy. Don't bother buying pricey books about budgeting. That's a good saving.

David said...

The sun is shining in Colorado now, and the birds are chirping. (At least, I assume they are. I don't have my hearing aids in, so I can't tell.)

There's a good chance that I'll be able to finally dig my car out before the next weekly storm arrives. We never used to get weekly storms. This is highly unusual. Really.

Lahdeedah said...


I want to believe you, I really do, but the snow tells a different tale...

DEBTective said...

Sorry to hear that you hit tough times, dollface. Dave Ramsey's book is worth the dough and then some. It'll show you how to spend and save what you make, and nothing more. If you want to go a step further and tell the man himself about the spot that you're in, call him. 1-888-825-5225. Good luck. Here's looking at you, kid.