Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things I've learned this week

I am not capable of distinguishing smoke-beige from pink-beige, as evidenced by the fact that I painted part of a pink-beige wall smoke-beige, and realized for the first time, since I have moved in here about two years ago, that my basement is not painted with one color, but is painted with two...

You should never, under any circumstances, save left over frosting in your fridge, I don't care if you can store it up to two weeks, the truth is, you won't frost another cake with it and every moment it sits in your fridge, is a temptation because in your mind you know that in the fridge there is a container of cold, chocolatey frosting just waiting to be.... you get the point.

My initial gut reaction that snow on the ground, though now less than an inch, would deter any Washingtonian from coming out and looking at homes has been proven accurate by the lack of phone calls I've received, though i do have two viewings on Saturday.

Little Miss Sunshine is an oddly funny movie. I didn't think I'd like it.

I have discovered the source of my love for oddly-devised gowns that no one actually wears or ever wore, and I've never actually owned... Star Trek... apparently, my idea of beauty and what beautiful women wear, has been influenced by the slinky outfits alien chicks in space wore....

I also have discovered, William Shatner has never really had a proper six pack, yet still, was hot when young.

Sanford and Son plays eternally on TvLand

On TvLand, right now, Capt. Kirk is cuddling with some Indian princess, because he's forgotten about the Enterprise...yet....aggaaainn... cuz he so easily gets distracted...but first he'll save the planet...because yet again, they think he's a god...

My all time favorite game ever, Pats vs Colts, is playing Sunday, and I will only be able to catch the second half... and i'm just sad about it.

Bear understands McRed is in Colorado. Turbo corrected Bear, and informed him he was in a tree. Who knew?

I can lose an entire pound of coffee in my kitchen.

I am too easy on my sons because they are cute.

I am too easy on my daughter because after five minutes of conversing with her I give up.

Favorite conversation of the day:

brrring brrring

"Why the hell did you call me?"
...hmm voice sounds familiar, who is this.... sounds like....
"Did you call me?"
"Are you the bank?"
"Then why did you call me?"
"I didn't call you."
"You're not the bank?"
"Yes, I'm the bank."
"What do you want?"
"You owe me money."
"So you didn't call me."
"Yes, I called you. I'm the bank, you owe me money."
"Your mother wrote your number under the bank."
"Cuz I'm the bank. Give me money."
"What do you want?"
sigh "Nothing, our house is on the market now."
"Yeah, I know that already. Your mother wrote down your number under the bank. Christ. Now I have to go find the number on caller id and find out what the hell it is."
"Love you dad."
"Yeah love you too."

See, my dad DOES call me more than once every three months....


MommasWorld said...

That phone call is hillarious!! Gotta love Dads! My Dad called me Tuesday or Wednesday...I think it was Tuesday night. I had a fever don't know what was said by either of us LOL.

I hope your house sells quickly! Have a splendid day!

The Curmudgeon said...

You have learned quite a bit this week.

Anonymous said...

I bid a $1.00 on the house but she just laughed at me and told me to be serious...which I thought I was. :-(


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Is this what Kirk is doing?