Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Poor Grammar

I have noticed, that sometimes, my grammar is atrocious.

It seems, whenever I post about things that distress me (potty training, job hunting) my grammar goes to pot (unlike my sons, who go everywhere but the pot).

So if you see horrendous, atrocious grammar, or absurdly blatant spelling errors or word mis-usage, or just missing words, you can be sure it's because the topic is something distressful.

Yes, you see, my grammatical errors are an extension of the state of my mind, when distressed, the words pour out of me distressfully, and since the true state of this blog is to act as an extension of my mind, doing something so simple as spell check, or self-editing, would be going against the essence of all that this blog stands for....


........ anyone buying it?


Anonymous said...

Nope, not for one nano-second. :-D


MommasWorld said...

I make mistakes all the time in my blog. As long as you can still figure out the jist of what I meant then I wont re-write/edit.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Nothing can stay perfect when stressed. Like the pun of going to pot when they don't!