Thursday, June 07, 2007

Basic Math

Lets go over some basic math principles.

One household, five people. Two under the age of four, one under the age of 12, two adults.

Five people making messes.
One person cleaning up five people's messes.

One person to Five messes.

Now, one person in this case does not represent a professional cleaner, or rich yuppie woman who can send kids to preschool and summer camps.

One person = caretaker of three children, job seeker, laundry mistress, only person around to break up children's fights etc etc etc.

Clearly, using basic math skills...

The One Person is less than the five messes.

This means that the One Person does not equal Five messes.

Which means, that in order for the Five Messes to be taken care of,

It will take MORE than ONE PERSON to clean up after FIVE people.

Why some do not understand that staying home with three children while looking for a job does NOT equal eight hours of nothing better to do than clean, is beyond me.

However, the simple statement that it takes MORE than ONE PERSON to clean up after FIVE people is a true and factual statement, and disbelief, denial, and sheer obtusity will not change the simple fact. Dance around it all you want, try to rearrange the factors all you want, but in the end, a fact is a fact, and it can not be changed.

Lets just say it one more time, to clarify:

It takes MORE than ONE PERSON to clean up after FIVE people.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well calculated; I think that's a hint to your family.

MommasWorld said...

I came home a bit grumpy last night and found small messes here and there. I started barking out orders like a drill sargent. You! Take care of that cat box. You! Why is your bed unmade? Get right on it. Shoes in the kitchen? Move 'em outta here. Come on people get your butts moving.

At first they laughed. Then I gave them the "look". They scurried to get it all done. I am not really a meanie. I blame the Mosquito Man. Ok, maybe it's PMS. he.he.he.

Lahdeedah said...

It's the mosquito man. What other explanation could it be? heh heh.