Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Lost Inch

I lost an inch.
Not in height.

This from just changing a couple of evening meals around, not snacking so much and eating a healthier breakfast. Well, okay, actually eating breakfast.

The funny thing is, this time around, I don't miss the food that is bad for you. For instance, I can happily eat and ENJOY (gasps) a boca burger (soy burger) and not miss the cheeseburger. I don't like the fries, now that the substance they cook it in won't kill you (no wonder they resisted that change) and since there are no more m and m bags lurking around the house, I'm good.

Since Daddy McRed isn't fussing about the changes, I can add more.


And I'm off the diet coke except for when we eat out or other special occasions or places they don't serve carbonated bubbly water with lemon slices.

So, with all these changes firmly in place, expect to hear me yammer on and on about another inch lost soon.

I am not stopping til I lose two more inches!

... and then when I get there, I will contemplate whether or not it's humanly feasible to go down another inch or two.. I believe in baby steps here.

Oh, and I haven't stepped on a scale. I simply refuse. What good is a scale, but a sad reminder that no, indeed, one is not as lean as one would have liked....


MommasWorld said...

You Rock! Congratulations on the inch! It is a BIG deal. An inch can mean Yeah these pants fit again! I am glad you and your family are all enjoying the new changes. Keep posting receipies so we can try them out too.

I went grocery shopping today and I tried to stick to my list of just real food, only healthy but I only slipped a little. I bought microwave popcorn and soda. We always have fresh fruit and veggies on hand for snacking so I will tell myself its ok...for now :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

One less inch of you! Well done on accomplishing that.