Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yummy yummy, Steak Salad

There is an effort, half resignation, half optimism, whole commitment, in this household to adopt healthier eating and healthier habits. Hopefully, we'll get around to the evening family walks, but for the moment, it's focused on eating. One must take things one step at a time, and we've already incorporated daddy play time outdoors in the evening.

Salads are very healthy for you. Vegetables, too. The problem is, salads for dinner... look at some of the recipes. Hubby McRed is an avid meat eater, and not prone to excessively exotic salad combinations... thus we may never try the Rasberry Chicken Salad dish... and I have doubts about the Tucsan Tuna Salad, but we'll try them. It's hard to just get it right, especially changing from a heavy pasta/meat/potato eating habit.

Tonight, I found a ten minute success meal.

Steak salad...

Cheap, thin round top steak cooked in light oil, and frankly, I can't wait til we can grill it...
red and green bell peppers and an onion, ditto above,
toss on salad greens.
Toss on dressing.

Watch Hubby McRed stare at it in surprise, then eat it all up.
Watch in even greater amazement as Bear eats two dishes, including the lettuce leaves, and asks for more.
Drama Girl loves greens and leafy things, so I wasn't surprised when she scoffed hers down.

Mark as family staple dish, replacing Stroganoff.

Because that is the ultimate goal, to find replacements for the staples that are healthy. Good-bye stroganoff, hello steak salad.
Good-bye pork chops with mash, hello broiled salmon with long grain rice.
Only five more staple meals to go....

I know, I know, pork chops with mash, yummy, stroganoff, mmm, but they don't need to be staples now, do they?

And I know I know, there are gazillions of households full of healthy happy eaters, so we're a bit slow on the uptake, but it's hard to change it all around.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

You've got a rare dish there, one that all the family likes.