Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Think of me, I'm going in.

It's going to end. All of it. I'm going to conquer Laundria. She's such a slobby bitch.

She's a weed, only she thrives in your home, and if you're not careful, in your cars, too.

She told me she's never ever going to leave, and that she will be with me forever, lurking around every corner, couch, chair, cushion seats, halls, foyers, closets and beds.

I told her she is going to remain a contained, barely perceptible presence in this household.

I've devised new tactics.

Drama, 9, has just been taught to do her own laundry. An offshoot of the mother beast, my daughter's creature lurks hidden in her closet, under her bed, under her pillows, and yes, even in her toy bins, as well as the blatantly obvious 'all over the floor' locale.

Toddlers A and B no longer wear clothes. I am only dressing them when we leave the house.

McRed's clothes will be washed the day they are worn.

I will kill Laundria once and for all!!!



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Not bothering to wear clothes is a good leap forward in killing Laundria.

MommaK said...

Hooray for you!! You are a leader in this crazy battle we face each day! Be brave woman!!