Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gnomish Warriors

Who needs real people, when I've got gnomes, dwarves and elves to play with?

Tonight I made level 5! In one night! This is not a huge accomplishment, but for me, well, yes, it is. Not too happy about getting killed by some dumb frosty troll but hey what can ya do?

My whole family went to bed at like, 7, so it's just me and time... ooh precious precious time, alone, with nobody wanting things from me, nobody speaking to me, a blissfully silent quiet house. Oh what to do what to do...

If it were winter, or late fall, I'd be cozied up on the couch practicing old-lady habits, and cross-stitching (I don't know why, but for me, cross-stitching is a seasonal thing). If it were the dead of winter, I'd probably have a nice glass of Baileys on ice (my favorite drink before the commercials thank you) and watch some britcoms... Addicted to BBC America and many many British shows. But it's summer and I am not a summer person. If I could, I'd sleep through summer. It's just too hot. So what to do...

What would you do, with such a night, with the whole dang family in bed way before their bedtimes (hubby included) and just a quiet blissful night in front of you? How'd you spend it?

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