Friday, July 21, 2006

Heeaatt waaveee

It's 102 degrees right now. I'm losing weight just by existing.

We don't have air because air isn't a big thing in the Northwest. Oh, I think the new homes being built all have air, but homes built a whole decade ago or longer, not a priority. So, the basement is the place to be. But for some reason, the children would rather be up in the hot part of the house lingering around me. I haven't actually done much today, because it really is just too damn hot, and we wouldn't want me passing out from heat exhaustion now would we?

Toddler Bear is still crashed in his room, which has no fan. It has no fan because all they do is shut the fan off. No matter how hot it is. So we grabbed it. I just sent Drama girl out to set up the sprinkler and as soon as grumpy Bear wakes up, I'm going to let them run around in the water.

Tomorrow if McRed doesn't go for my 'seek the air conditioned mall idea, Drama and I are hitting the lake and leaving McRed and toddlers to their merry selves. We'd take them, but not sure I can sell McRed because of the large crowd that will be there.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's nearly that temperature here in Birmingham, England. I am melting away!