Monday, July 03, 2006

The New Me

Okay, not really. The more motivated me, perhaps. The more, 'me with sort of an idea of what I want' me, okay okay more like a "So I get up one Monday morning, do my 6 a.m. workout and then actually go for a run so I must be in a transformational phase, not unlike the legendary phoenix which out of the ashes of suburbuan mundanity rises to new, exciting, poetic and literatary heights" me.

I mean, that's not an unrealistic assumption is it?

So I am glad I got my sorry butt out of bed at waay too early in the morning and went to the gym, and then, after my tall cafe vanilla late (yes yes Starbucks, I know, we are only human after all, but it WAS a tall, with 2 percent milk thank you) came home and realized I could run. The children were all asleep, husband included. On Wednesday, however, I will make sure I bring my Ipod, and have 30 minutes of music, because what I thought was a nice 30 minute run was, heh, a 15 minute run. Ooops. But I had enough cardio for today between the 4 minute warm up at the gym and the crazy leg workout that about killed me was more cardio than anything, so I'm good.

P.S. When I say run, please understand that at this point of my 'running' there is actually a considerable amount of fast-walking involved.

P.P.S. If you want to know why I chose running, you tell me one cardio exercise that you know of that can get you better toned and use up more calories than running, and help keep your bone mass?


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