Friday, July 14, 2006

A moment to ponder more anger, hatred and suffering

In the middle east, has there ever not been hatred and war?

Well the news is on about major escalations, bombings, retaliations, and Israel's accusations that Lebanon isn't doing enough, and so are a valid target, and that Syria and Iran are also enemies, and there goes those years of tentative almost-but-not-quite peace, in THAT section.

And we've got the U.N. rushing over to try for peace in an area of the world that doesn't seem to really want peace. Or rather, an area of the world that wants peace only if it comes with getting their way and not compromising. I realize this is a great oversimplification. Oh but don't fear, we got good ole George W-uh at the helm, he'll steer this all aright with his foreign diplomacy talents and eye on the big picture ... ahhh ah ha ha ha ha ha...

So here's to crossing fingers and holding breaths that this thing eases up, without actually expecting it to.

Here's my oversimplification, ever since I was a child, there's been fighting in the middle east. Since the beginning of time these people have been fighting. I am not sure they will ever stop. I can't imagine an event occurring great enough to bring peace to that region. And how many innocent people die to propogate senseless wars?

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