Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wilderness garden

I found TREES trying to grow in my lawn in the back yard! YIKES.

I will not be daunted. I WILL conquer that small square of suburban not-even-an-acre-age. I planted the plants I ordered in the spring, when I felt naively that I could maintain the back wilderness. I waited so long to plant them, however, I fear they may be dead. There were many brown leaves and not a lot of green, and we're in the dry season. The whole month and a half of dry season. But I felt obligated. It's also really too late to plant.

My tomato plant is cleverly hidden from pests by a mound of what appears to be Thai Basil. The strawberries are also lost in basil, and my sunflowers choked. I don't actually mind the sunflowers being choked. From what I understand, sunflowers would just make the whole back worse. It is mid-July. This weekend I'm going to do more weed whacking. Love the weed whacker.

I could just wait til everything dies in the fall, but that just seems, well, laazy. Practical, but practical in a lazzzy way.

Inside, I pulled up some hallway carpet for McRed to lay down the rest of the laminate 'kids can't trash this' flooring.

We are sooo Split-Level Americana. Vinyl flooring in the kitchen, laminate mock-wood in the living room, idiot gardening in the back, chalk drawings in the driveway and sidewalk and the harried crazy lady chasing shoe-less toddlers down the road... but I digress...


to top that off, I got my Barnes and Noble book order in and found, to my chagrin, they shipped me More Than a Carpenter instead of 'Math, Grade 3," I mean, how are they even close? One, a discussion about Jesus and his life, another, mulitiplication and fractions.... WTH? The book cost less than the shipping to return it would.


Melanie said...

Our families would have so much fun living next to each other. You and I too similar...it's scary.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You never know; the other book might come in useful.

You have been added on to my Guest Quarters (bloglist)

Asher said...

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