Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quit, unquit, quit again

Finally made a decision.

Bye bye mom's club. It just wasn't meant to be. I don't understand the hidden rules, the unspoken protocols, the culture of the suburban moms' clubs... For this reason, I probably won't be a big hit on the PTA, but can't say I won't try!

I feel like a 12 year old that just realized she'll never actually be a part of the cool kids club. The difference is it passed really quickly once I realized I'd never probably actually see any of them again. Oh there's a few that I got on with, that I might see again, but just not enough to feel, oh, welcomed. And it may be part me. But who cares. I spent too much time stressing over it all.

Also, bye bye Bunco night. All the bunco moms are part of the club. I'd just feel uncomfortable.

Saying that, I spent all of last night playing World of Warcraft. I'm an unstoppable gnomish mage in a cold, desolate land, killing bad wolfies and trolls while I find my way in the big, cruel world.

I play these games occasionally. The highest I ever got was lvl 20-something in DAoC. It's not skill, it's my attention span. Oh and skill, actually, I kinda suck. And direction sense. I have none, so I get lost in areas where the monsters are waaay tooooo muucchhh for me. I once killed an entire party in EQ, but I didn't die, because an online friend came in time to save me. Not my group, but me, and that's what mattered. While the group that I horribly atrociously got slaughtered were shouting at me in all caps (they knew me personally, so felt free to express their emotions) my husband ran upstairs to explain how he felt about the whole incident. It's been five years, and I still remember the occasion...

But it's a good stress reliever between class projects and the kids and the writing. Ah, the writing. I've decided to restructure my days so that everything is done around the writing. It'll get easier when the kiddos are in preschool but hey. We work with what we got. I mean, it is NOT POSSIBLE to accomplish much of anything when there are children in the house, especially under 5.

Overall, last night was a complete mental break night which I needed, and I'm in a much better mood today. Now if only I could gain some territory in my war against the sentient laundry...


Laura said...

I went through this with my twin club. By some stroke of luck, a whole bunch of really cool women all joined up at once, and we're slowly overtaking the stick-up-their-asses bunch.

I think you should start a Yahoo group or something and make your OWN moms group, sans drama. Good luck. :-)

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