Sunday, May 28, 2006

Campy Books I've Read, or Mind Candy

Just to steal a buddie's idea.

Here are the campiest books I've read, and yes, enjoyed...

The latest:

Undead and Unappreciated -- so hilarious. I'm going to dig up the first two. A good mind candy book.

Club Dead and the rest of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse southern vampire novels -- hilarious hilarious hilarious.

Even Vampires Get the Blues *sense a theme?* -- this one was only okay. The flower-eating fairy only added to its charm.

Karen Moning's Highlander books, yes, all of them... They all have titles like "Dark Highlander" and "Immortal Highlander" and "Spell of the Highlander" and "Broody Highlander" I'll be checking out the next one, "Just Forget the Plot and Read About Sex with Kilt-Wearing Highlanders Amidst Oceans of Purple Heather in the Scottish Moors Highlander" when it hits paperback because dammit I like highlanders and men in kilts from the teen-centuries. And Scotland. In fact, I'm growing heather in my garden to show my love for the rainy chilly country. I've only killed three of them... the other two are fine!

Laurell K. Hamilton's vamp porn books... all of them, but I stopped enjoying them around 5 or 6, I think. Now I just read them because I feel committed.

Laurell K. Hamilton's first two Merry Gentry Series, dumped those, not committed, too many ewww moments for me. But I occasionally read her blog mainly because she writes as many pages a day as I do *except for the days she gets past ten* and has actually written novels... the bitch. Karen Moning too, but her website just features books and her cat, and she's cute and perky which is also annoying.

Diana Gabaldan's books are just waaay toooo loooonnnnggg for me.

There were others, but these are the most predominant ones.

I've read several non-campy books, but that's another post. Certain types of literature should never be mixed.

Oh and I read the Da Vinci Code. Sooo overrated.

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