Saturday, May 27, 2006

Trouble on the Island of Sodor

Yes, it was a rough night for the inhabitants of the Island of Sodor. Little Tank Engine Turbo was distraught becasue Donald was missing! He tried to be a very useful engine, and looked high and low, here and there, everywhere, but he could not find Donald at all! After a few hours of searching, even the great Sir TuppentopMcRedHat had to call off the search. *Yes, I said a few hours, have you ever listened to a two and a half year old distraught little tank engine calling desperately for his favorite useful engine? It's heart-breaking, not to mention stressful because little distraught tank engines do not give up...

We finally told our useful and worried engine that Donald went bye bye for the night and was now sleeping er somewhere, and tomorrow we would find him. Finally appeased with promises that Donald was indeed safe and reassured by the presence of Clarabelle, Annie, Bill and Henry, Turbo drifted off to sleep at around 9 p.m....

Until 5 a.m., when he woke with his trains, wondering about Donald. Finally, back to sleep next to SirGrumpyMcRedHat, and then up at 8 to drag SirGrumpyMcRedHat to the Roundhouse where they played.

After a few more hours of wondering about Donald, I finally went out in the rain, in pajamas, determined to look under every goldfish cracker, leftover coat and McDonald's french fries until I found our Donald.


Now Turbo is clutching Donald, showing him to SirRelievedMcRedHat, mommy, SirRelievedMcRedHat, mommy, etc etc repeat.... Donald. Donald. Look Donald. See Donald. Donald. Black Donald. *We're learning colors now, green Henry, blue tank, brown Clarabell, yellow Bill...* so anyhow, once again, all is well on the Island of Sodor.

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