Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good Morning

Last night's blog was a bit, blah.

I have discovered why women have a harder time losing weight than men.

PMS cravings.

Enough said.

Moving on...

I found the solution to my bag/purse problem... a Russian crossover bag. Really, it's like a saddle-bag or messenger-bag or tote or whatever, but the strap is on one shoulder, and the bag on the opposite hip, meaning a hands-free carry system, which is great with twins, because I always need both hands for the boys, and my bag/purse/big-huge-carry-all thing always falls down my arm.

If I hear the word train one more time from my 2-year-old, I'm going to break into tears.


My favorite is train up a hill. Also, now he is saying train is coming instead of rain is coming. It reminds me of this great country *shuddup* song bout 'the big black train is coming' and the big black train is where all the sinners go, and it stops, and if you get on the train it takes you to damnation and hell, but if you let the train go by you while you're stuck in the desert or side of the road on a hot, miserable day, you still have a chance to be saved. I pretty much, upon hearing the song, have reconciled myself with the fact I'd jump on the train. If I'm not already on it. Maybe that's what Turbo means when he says 'train is coming,' he's actually a toddler prophet, and he's trying to tell me the big black train of sin is heading our way. ALL ABOARD....

Anyhow, trains are Turbo's latest obsession, and Bear's only by proxy. Bear hasn't actually been obsessed with anything since the giraffe on his playsaucer in his early months of life. Now, he's jumped on the train bandwagon, if a train can also be a wagon, and the two sleep with their trains, carry their trains everywhere, and while Bear will actually go do other things, like eat, play, etc, Turbo spent HOURS on the floor surrounded by his little trains on his little track. That is why the trains are good. But wow. Can he talk about trains anymore, you may ask. Must he spend ALL DAY saying train, or using train in every sentence and uttering, and how long can it last? Well. Three days now. Started before that, slowly, but it's bad this week. We shall see how long this obsession lasts. Lets just say we are all very aware of the train whistle in the distance now...

I'm not signing them up for the bilingual preschool for purely selfish reasons... I would be bored. So instead, I'm going to be looking for mini martial arts, gymnastics, or other tire-the-toddlers-out classes this fall.

Now, it's 8:25 a.m. and every person in my family aside from me is asleep. I should have woken them up at 7:30, but then, they shouldn't have shut their alarms off, and for the first time in MONTHS, I've actually enjoyed a quiet cup of bliss. (Coffee for those who don't know me)

Happy Day!

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