Monday, May 22, 2006


I called Buffalot at 4:45 a.m. this morning and informed him that as I was just actually getting to sleep, I would not be showing up for our gym session. He said holy something or other, good night, don't sweat it, and I KNOW he is assuming it's due to either Bear or Turbo, but honestly, I think it was due to one half glass too much Chilean wine.

I say 'Chilean wine' like I'm in the know on wine, and Chilean wine is in a category of its own. What I really mean is that I read in Sunset Magazine, magazine for northwesterners with WAAAY more money than me, that wine from Chile, or was it Venezuela, no, it was Chile, is comparable to foreign wines which are comparable now to Oregon's wine because, as Looney my sister will tell you, Oregon and France share the same climate, which only means that Chilean wine is as good as Oregonian and French wine, but being from South America, a heck of a lot cheaper. I went and saw a write-up at the local wine section that it was a full-bodied strong red' or some such thing. It was full-bodied. The kind of red that warms your throat as it goes down into a warm comfortable lull in your belly that is so enjoyable, you end up drinking too much. It was called Duo. White label. Very plain. I'd buy it again, but 1.375 glasses appears to have been .375 glasses too much. I tossed and turned and woke up McRed multiple times to complain about my baseless insomnia. The result? We were both exhausted today.

Only I got to take a nap. Turbo and Bear still take two hour naps, and I cherish those two hours, because I know somewhere in the third year, I will lose them. My days of napdom and peacedom will halt, and they will enter pre-school, the drop-off kind, if we can manage to afford it.

I am desperate for new reading. I'm considering rereading something, but what? The Historian? Did it. More Sookie Stackhouse? Haven't gotten to the library. An old classic? Not in the mood for too much thinking. I will probably end up rereading the one mind candy book I have left. I made the mistake of getting rid of all my mind candy, and now, when I need mind candy, all I have is a bunch of text books for my courses, meaningful literature, and books that will make me feel bad for not writing four hours a day. Must get to the library this week. Must have mind candy... need... mind...candy... before the next semester starts.

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