Friday, May 12, 2006

Go to sleep

My sons have been testy today. One woke up with a major case of the grumpies that hasn't disappeared and the other one woke up babbling and still hasn't stopped. I'm waiting for them to sleep because I want to water my strawberries and plant some of the plants still in their flats.

It's almost time for their fun playtime sessions to end, and I'm going to be stuck with toddlers home all day for the summer. I am going to try to sign them up for one class a week, in something, but really, I predict they will be playing in the back while I attempt to contain the sprawling garden, and I'll probably drag them to a playgroup every now and again and a story time.

I don't know what to do with Drama yet. She is being forced to take swim lessons, because she loves the water too much for someone who can't swim, *yes she's had swim lessons before, but somehow, still can't swim* but after that, I think she's going to want more dance.

Other than that, my great Ikea trip may be postponed due to Grumpy, er Bear. We will see what state he is in when Drama gets home. I want to scout out toddler bedrooms that involve places to hide toys. They aren't getting new sets til fall, and the beds will only be used for like, two years, but they are too young for real bunk beds or loft beds, and the crib beds aren't cutting it. I may change my mind and make them sleep in them til they are five, it depends on what the price for a new set of beds is.

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