Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So a little boy pushed my little Turbo three times, and his mother just looked at me, and my philosophy is a 'wait and see' and 'let the mother of the offending child intervene first' of course she didn't, so he just turned around and cried to me, and I told him to come here and hugged my sobbing child. Now, yes, crying might have been uncalled for, but sheesh, she could have stopped her little pusher. But this is toddlerhood, and you can't jump in and play rescue all the time, so bleah.

Playgroup, Bear does fine, but Turbo isn't quite so loving of large groups. They usually ignore everyone else and play together, which they do at home anyhow, so I'm not sure if it does them any good, but it gets me out, so there is that.


Haagen Daaz (however it's spelled) Mayan Chocolate.... YUM.

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