Saturday, May 27, 2006

A nice day

This is a nice day, and is going to be a nice weekend. I can tell already.

McRed is building more computers, apparently, the three working ones we already have aren't enough, while simultaneously keeping the toddlered ones free from boredom by ensuring their railroad track is intact and they each have enough engines to not fight. Donald has been safely found. Drama is almost done cleaning her room and plans to fill her new journal with tales of her woeful and wonderful life. She is excited about her dance recital, and my gosh, that little blonde haired blue eyed girl of mine looked soooo cute in her sooo adorable Alladin-style ballet costume...

We're doing a picnic on Monday, hoping it won't rain us out, and tomorrow McRed is going to finish the last small slab of floor. Go Us.

So, while we are doing nothing today, it's still quite the family day. Last night, we all even sat down, toddlers too, and had dinner together, something I'm trying to sneak in once or twice a week since McRed gets home past the kids dinner time.

Happy Rain Day!

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