Monday, September 04, 2006

The End of Summer

Good-bye Summer. See ya later.

It's about time.

Tomorrow, Sept. 5, is Drama's first day of fourth grade.

I'm walking her to class, though really, she's old enough to go herself, it's just a big deal for her. She has got a lot on her plate this fall, I think maybe too much. She's got two days of gymnastics for two hours and a day of ballet for an hour. I may have her cut one activity. I'll see how we all do with three days of activities. I'm dreading the boys.

I'm also re-starting the gym. We shall see how that goes. No trainer. I want to be able to skip it when I want to skip it ha ha ha. Plus, now I know how everything works, so I'm good. Oh, and I just want to do cardio for a bit, less weights for now.

My classes start up again tomorrow. I understand on a fundamental level that I'm taking this degree in case I need to get a job, that it's to help if for some reason one income doesn't cut it or if for some reason my masterpiece novels which I'm SURELY going to write some day don't get recognized well, til, you know, ever, that I'll have a useful degree to fall back on.

But I HATE it. I'd much rather be doing English literature. Or even history. Argh.

That's all.

Happy Summer is Over month!

I await the cool weather with glee!

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