Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Twins club

See, I don't have enough to do already.

I'm going to check out the local twins club, and see if twin moms are as nutty as I am.

They have playgroups, kick-ass sales and a meeting place right down the road.

I can balance mom's club playgroups with twins club playgroups against gymnastics and messy time ahh ha ha ha. I hardly ever make it to the mom's club playgroups anyhow, though I really do try...

But there's the kick ass sales. Oh, and they have moms nights out. More mom's nights out than the mom's club. The mom's club is restricted to one night out a month. The twins club doesn't seem to have that restriction (i'm hoping). Probably because twin moms, may, possibly, be a bit more desperate than other mom's for a night out... or maybe it's just me.

I'm also considering joining the PTA. The PTA frightens me, but I feel I should do it. Especially since they added that line about 'not having to volunteer...' It's not that I'd mind volunteering occasionally, it's just that I don't have child care lined up for volunteer occasions.

Saying that,

can we please welcome back...all the way from Mongolia....


That's right folks. After spending most of August away in Mongolia with her aunt and uncle who are missionaries in the area, she's returned.

We're so excited to have her back!

...and I do apologize for rushing out the door, leaping at her from my front steps and embracing her in a giant bear hug, kissing her on the cheeks and dancing merrily round her while she was on her way to tutor the neighbor.... but I couldn't help myself.

Date Night is ON


Hey... maybe my husband and I can get lucky...

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

A big cheer for your babysitter!