Sunday, September 10, 2006

Forward this to ten friends....

So i've gotten some of these 'answer these questions and people will know more about you' e-mails, and I'm a sucker for them and fill them out, and my friends are nice, and fill them out and send them back to me, but I question their dedication, for I am not convinced they actually forward them...

So I made my own, but I'm not e-mailing it out, because while I will perpetuate a chain of 'answer these silly questions' e-mail, I won't start one. Disclaimer: I will never send you one of those chain letters like 'this really works, send to ten friends and God will send the lotto numbers to you in a dream, but if you don't, he'll send a flood to your basement....

1: Milk chocolate or chocolate with espresso/coffee/liqueur? Dark chocolate with espresso

2. Morning coffee, tea, or something cold? Coffee coffee coffee

3. Do you own an I-Pod? ayup, for those work outs that I intend to do....

4. Computer for every person in the house plus, one for everyone and no more, or one or two 'family use'? every person plus... can you say 'husband is addicted to computer gadgetry?

5. Pre-schooler more likely to turn on the televsion and change channels, or turn on the computer and close/delete/ files? Turn on puter,sit down and starts typing...

6. Video games, online games, or nothing more than bejweled? Try to play Galactic Civ, love the game, get conquered far too often to stick with it. WoW til I get bored with that, and bejeweled is the devil.

7. Blogger cuz it's fun, blogger cuz you're bored, blogger cuz why not? I'm not actually sure why...

8. Cell phone utilizes every programmable function and all contacts are stored, five contacts are stored the rest are saved in the 'last called' list, cell phones have programmable functions? Five contacts are stored, lost the book, can't program without instruction manual.

9. What kind of residence do you claim, apartment, condo, split level, ranch, farmhouse etc? Split-level.

10. View out the living room window/kitchen window. living room: street and greenbelt. Kitchen, yard, and all my neighbor's yards.

11. Vhere is your computer? In my own mini-office open to the living room, where the dining room table should be.

12. Which coast would you live on if you had your choice? West, and North, where I am, but closer to the ocean or a bit more rural.

13. Favorite season? Fall.

14. When do you hit the sack? Anywhere between 10 and 11 p.m.

15. When does the alarm rip you from dreamland? 6:45 am.

That's it!

And see since it's not emailed, NO PRESSURE.

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