Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tale 2

Toddler Fashion

So I go to the mom's business meeting, which, frankly, I find all business meetings boring, but I've been neglecting this one so often, I felt I had to go. Also, I'm getting along better with some of the moms, so I want to sort of 'ride' that wave. I dress the boys (key there, I dress them) and let them have 'choices' in their shirts. We rush out and get there on timeish. The meeting ends and I'm walking down the stairs.

"ooh they are so cute" says a tres trendy mom with flowing black wavy skirt and white polo top, carrying a trendy infant of the non-spit-up variety. "Oooh you let them dress themselves. Most mom's wouldn't agree, but I'm all for that" and I smile. I've got my mom-superior humble face on. I say 'Yes, I let them pick their shirts out" because clearly thats' what she's referring to. The shirts are rather loud, but I'm a bit confused, I didn't think they were THAT loud... a bit perhaps, hawaii-ish, but not that bad... until she says...

'ooh i think it's great. so cute. he's got his pants on backward.'

heh. I say...

'silly turbo! you put your pants on backwards and I didn't even notice....'


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