Thursday, September 28, 2006

T-shirt or training bra?

Somebody help me!

My ten year old is um, well.


There's been a slight change.

Not a big one. Not even really much of one in the um, size really, it's just more of an hum, hmm, um, ahh, a slight protrusion really, I suppose... some budding maybe

and I can't decide,

undershirts or training bra? Because sometimes undershirts don't seem to um, cover it all you see? Sooo

she's not even ten. Maybe just thicker undershirts?

Maybe a mix of both, depending on her outer shirt.

The kicker? I told her,

"well, um, I think you know, these (pointing to self) might be um, you know, starting to grow, because, um, they will, one day you know."

Okay, not the most savvy way to put it, but I've been putting all my energy into preparing for the 'BIG TALK' not the little ones and OMIGOSH I just found out they do HIV/AIDS awareness next year, so I need to have it THIS year.

Yeesh. My mom waited til I was 12. Course, I knew since I was 9 sooo....

Daughter: Yeah I know, they are already starting.

Me: and you noticed but never TOLD me? ARGH.


Hep Me.

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