Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Morning brief

This is a two-post day.

Anyhow, I walked Drama to school, but didn't stay long enough to see her into the class. McRed had to go to work, and she's in fourth grade, so it's not like this is all that new. Met and had a happy chat with the neighbors we get along with briefly.

Drama is in fourth grade.

Yikes. She's growing up. I've already decided to get her 'Are You There God, it's Me Margaret' because I know she'll relate soon. Plus, it deals with things I don't mind talking about, but don't know how to bring up... you know like, HEY, one day, out of the blue, you're going to be a fucking bitch, and not know why. You'll cry, be angry, yell, and have cramps that feel like you're dying, and suddenly, for the first time ever, you'll understand what being a whale must feel like, to top it all off, you're going to just start bleeding out of nowhere, but don't WORRY, it's normal. Here, have some breakfast...'

See? Easier to have her read the book, THEN talk about it.

Well, I'll update on the first day tonight!

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