Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Whatever People


Nice neighbor girl finally invited Drama Girl over. Turns out, I was right. Mean girl next door who's too young for Drama isn't allowed to play with her. It seems, however, her power extends over to nice neighbor girl, for when she's over nice neighbor girl's house, nice neighbor can't call Drama.


I told Drama that she can play with nice neighbor girl, and go over her house and invite her over and all that, but as soon as stuff starts up about 'you can't play with me cuz mean girl is coming over' or 'i can't come over cuz mean girl wants to play' then she's got to just say whatever.

We're encouraging her to hang out with kids in her class who are her own age. It's not her fault all the kids on this street are too young for her. The other friend is a year older and always at another girl's house so they are all paired up. I told her to get phone numbers from the kids in her class in our neighborhood. She walks home with a few of them.

I've just had enough of this crap, which is part of the reason she's got the extra curricular activities. It's just the weekends that bore her I think, so I'll have to kick her out and encourage her to call her schoolmates more often.

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