Friday, February 02, 2007

The Friday Frett

List of Friday Fretts, and it's only 10:15 a.m.

I haven't heard from my realtor yet regarding the counter-offer to the crazy low offer. I'm assuming this means they didn't take it. I left her a message. I'm fairly certain they said no as the offer expired, however, I'm fretting over it, regardless.

Saturday, the moon is in Virgo. Saturday is also a big house hunting day, particularly since Sunday won't be, due to the Superbowl. When the moon is in virgo, the masses tend to be more picky and critical. So, I will have, astrologically, large groups of picky and critical people coming through my house noticing all the 'details' which, in my house, are not 'nice finishing touches' but more 'oh crap, here, maybe we can cover it up with paint.' It also rules contracts and such. This means nothing. But I'm fretting over it, regardless.

I have two classes from my master's program that started last week, and I blew off the first assignment (getting to know one another) usually that doesn't result in a major grade blow off, and I did introduce myself, late, but now I have to be really good for this second week, and read the actual texts and post, and I'm too fretty about the house to concentrate on school. So I'm fretting about it.

I have to do the bills. Duh, fret.

I have to do the groceries. I've made a committment to lose weight by eating healthy (since 80 percent of any weight loss program is dependent on food) but I don't know if I've got it in me to be that good, I mean, I"m going to go all out, veggies, fruit and tons less starch and bread (hello, Carb Addict here). So I'm fretting about it.

I weighed myself on the scale. Now I'm fretting even more.

I suddenly want to finish my astrology course, which I've blown off for three months, and it's totally not a big deal, but all the other fretters out there know that once you frett about one thing, it's never enough, and you have to find more things to frett about, so I'm fretting about that, too.

I'm secretly fretting about something else, of which I've only told one person, and it's driving me batty. It's something totally out of my control, but I want it to happen, or I think I do, I'm pretty sure I do, and so I'm fretty about it.

Anyone have anything else they think I should frett about?
Requests taken...


Pageant Mom said...

I've got one!

I'm going skiing this weekend. Can you fret about whether or not I'll break anything semi-important so I can have an extra day off of work???

...that may have come out wrong I think...

Lahdeedah said...

OH NO...


That's so not fair. I just read this and thought, oh no, she might break her leg...

So now if something DOES happen, and you break your leg, I'm going to somehow feel responsible.

So listen. DO NOT break anything. Stay away from 'advanced black diamond' skiing signs or whatever they are. Think, bunny hill... and most importantly of all... DO NOT FALL OFF THE CHAIR LIFT.

Okay I feel better.

I think you have a good chance of at least spraining your ankle though, which should do for a day off at the least.