Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Poor Shows

So, in my quest to find shows I absolutely love, I go to the BBC shows that finally get around to being aired in America or sent to Netflix. I loved As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, and Are You Being Served. Currently, I enjoy watching Hardware and sometimes Spaced, kind of have to be in the mood for Spaced but when I'm in the mood it's hilarious.

I was surprised to find I absolutely loved
Balleykissangel. The first three seasons were great. I couldn't wait to get the new disc! And the last two shows of season three, um, devastated me, as much as a show can. I couldn't believe it! And of course, no one I know even knows the show exists much less watches it, so I'm going to go on about it here, so if you WANT to watch it, which I doubt, because I'm the only person I know who gets addicted to these shows, don't read.

See, the show is a story about an English priest who goes to a small Irish village, and is just about the daily lives and tribulations of village life, viewed from an outsider who has a position of responsibility. I loved this show. I loved Fr. Peter Cliffard.

The problem is, he was the catalyst character, the one that the show needed to have perspective. He was also one of the strongest characters. I loooovvvved this character. He was a good priest minus his minor falling in love with women thing, and of course, you can't have a priest on television without having a crisis, and he did. He stort of fell in love with the pub owner chick, Assumpta. After three seaons, which would normally last three years, but for me, using Netflix, lasted more like three months, the attraction between the two and the deep, intense feeling, that stayed platonic the whole time (not a trashy show) finally culminated in a major decision. He was going to leave the priesthood and she and he were going to marry. It was real, it was wonderful and it was sweet.... until she gets electrocuted in the pub cellar fixing her fuse box... /boggle.

Never mind my opinions on the convenient death. How was I supposed to know the actual actors/actresses were leaving? The point is, her death I could take, how sad, it was riveting, the crisis, the misery, the anguish, it was well acted, I felt for him. Sad. It was really riveting. But I figured, I just figured that he would use this loss and become totally devoted to the priesthood.

Ummm nope. He left the show. ACK. How awful!

Like, what about me!

How can I watch the next three seasons? The whole show was based on these relationships between the townspeople and the priest and how he helped them, the young married couple he helped, the pub regulars, the local garda, it was great. I was totally involved with these relationships. I loved how he interacted with everyone. But no. He left.

So now, I'm bah'd. I'm just so bah.

This totally happened with
Monarch of the Glen, too. The first three seasons were great. Archie MacDonald was key. Then he left.

I just dont have televsion show luck. I hope it doesn't affect BSG, because if, say, they killed off Helo or Apollo, or Adama turns out to be a cylon after all, I'm so done.

I mean, all my leading men just end up disappointing me.

So bah humbug to them all!


Pageant Mom said...

If you haven't checked it out, try Absolutely Fabulous. I'll try to explain briefly - it's about two EXTREMELY shallow middle aged women in London trying to make it in the high fashion industry who are so Not so realistic about their ages - one has a very prudish daughter that the other one hates and the other indulges in too much drinking, drugs and chasing much younger men... It's hilarious!! However, my husband swears I would have ended up exactly like these ladies if I hadn't married him... THAT is so not fair...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It happens with a lot of British shows; they leave the show, don't want to be typecast, and the show goes downhill.

Is Adama a cylon?

Lahdeedah said...

I've got my money on the president being a cylon, but that won't come out til later. This season, I think we find out that Gaeta is. I so peg Gaeta. He has to be a cylon.

Pageant Mom,

I totally LOVE Absolutely Fabulous. I watched the New Years Eve marathon. I also liked the Vicar of Dibley just because the actress that played the Vicar was soooo funny. But Ab Fab is great. They are soooo mean to the daughter lol sooo mean. And it is just sooo funny.

MommasWorld said...

Balley-K is one of my favorite shows! Not sure that they carry that show on our cable network here. My children and I loved watching it in our old state. Don’t worry, the next series is good too.

We also watch As Time Goes By, Absolutely Fabulous and Our You Being Served. I’m not too keen on watching Keeping Up Appearances. My son watches The Red Green Show but it is just not my cup of tea. You should check out The Vicar of Dibley. Funny show! The woman who plays the Vicar was in one of the Harry Potter movies as a portrait. When my children and I saw her we all pointed at the screen and yelled “THE VICAR!” My children’s friends all said “What Vicar? What are you talking about?” My son couldn’t believe his friends did not know about the Vicar.

Oh yes and I saw Judy Dench (As Time Goes By) in a movie I really enjoyed "Mrs. Henderson Presents." She is also in a new movie coming out or out in theaters just now. I want to see that one too.