Friday, February 09, 2007

The inspection results...ta daaaa

There were 11 things on the inspection list, and they want 3-11 done.

This is what I agreed to do:

Clean gutter and downspout.
Clean and service furnace.
Fix the gas line on the water heater at the thermostat control.
Interior missing doorstops (Have them, just need to find them ha ha)
Interior handrail (I have it, I just need to reattach it)

Here's what I offered them $500 to do themselves:
Exterior handrail
Gate (like honestly if I fix it it'll fall down by spring)
Attic needs better ventilation and more vent holes (huh? whatever.)

Here's what I said hell no to:
New faucet in kitchen due to leak (It doesn't leak all the time, it's one of those thigns where occasionally you have the water on and sometimes some comes out of the faucet thingie)
washer and dryer at end of operable lifespan.

Well. Go buy yourself a new washer and dryer. I am not buying you one.

They should say yes to it, there's nothing unreasonable about telling them to buy their own faucet and washer and dryer, and basically I don't want to bother with the attic. They can when they move in. Though frankly, I bet they take the $500 and don't ventilate the attic.

So I should know Monday if they accept it or not. I'm sure they will, since the only unreasonable thing they asked for was the washer and dryer, they were probably just hoping. But their realtor, really, should have told them to leave it off.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well thought out. Don't accept what they say.