Sunday, February 04, 2007

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I have no one to call.

So I must blog.

I will be looking at two, yes, TWO, offers on my home this afternoon.

This particluar family, the story of which I regaled to More Gravy, who never updates her blog, is long, and I have followed it with interest the moment they stepped into my home and I actually felt a change in the atmosphere in my home coming off them in waves, sort of a mixture of pleasure, excitement, and desire. I had them pegged as potentials. They came back the next morning, Saturday, and were sending in an offer that night.

What I did not expect was the ten minute, only been here once, 6 p.m. visitors, young single woman, (buying a home on her own, you GO girl) and her boyfriend who's allergic to cats, explaining the ten minute visit (I have three cats). I'm wondering why, around 8, my realtor hasn't called with the details of the offer, when I get a bizarre phone call asking about a clarification on the buyers form and I'm like, no WAY dude...

My realtor calls me at 9 to confirm.

So this afternoon I will be looking at two offers.

Go me. The first one is already 3K above the one I turned down. 3K is 3K. Haven't seen the second one, but my instinct says that if they are both similar, than every other offer after would be similar, and I should just take one. I could counteroffer on the closing costs, but I have to decide if the risk is worth the loss. Hubby McRed apparently is desperately missing his family, which is sweet, and may be worth letting 5K of closing costs go, but yeesh, 5K is 5K (see? I'm awful). BUT for those who think I'm being greedy, every other home in this neighborhood is 15-20K higher than mine, and smaller.

I am not sure if I'm going to counteroffer. It depends on the second offer. The last time I didn't counter offer, Hubby McRed, well yes. I just wish people would at least pay half their own danged closing costs.

And in retaliation for a very late night drunken phone call from certain individuals, yes, plural, down my husband's way, I didn't tell him we had two offers til he text'd a message at midnight. To which I text'd back, two offers, I win...

He hates it when I know something and he doesn't. Even if it's silly gossip. So yes, I know.. I know, petty and childish, but sooo worth it.

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