Monday, February 05, 2007


I'm almost ready to write again. I hate that i've taken a break, but the stress of house selling, moving to an undisclosed location in Colorado (I am so not fretting about that, Hubby McRed has that responsibility) and everything that that entails, I've not written.

I think once the inspection is done (tomorrow) I'll be suitably calm to start.

In the mean time, this blog, of which, I've noticed, usually harbors grammatical errors and misspellings galore, will have to do.

Today's theme is, hmm, bossy attitude isn't quite the word, neither is Mr. Sassy Pants, maybe "Just Who Do You Think You Are Bud?" is more apt.

Turbo has some new questions and phrases for mommy:

"Moom. What are you think your doing?" (Said in the same way I say it when I find them tossing cat food all over the place like confetti)

"Mooom. What are you doing to the truck?" Said with a strong emphasis on the you, while driving over speed bumps. Like it's me, personally, making the drive bumpy.

"Moom. I don't know. I just don't know." Neither do I bud.

"Mooom. Frackkin frackkin crap car mom." (I thought that one went away, I SWEAR I only said it once and I didn't think they could hear, and no, it wasn't fracckin...).

"Mom I want a Mcdonald Donald Yellow French Fries." Said every time I take him to the store.

"Mom I'm fine." Usually said while crying, after he got hurt. But he's fiiine.

"Mom I'm sorry." Said for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I think he may be apologizing for actions he will commit in the future, from tomorrow until like, 45.

"Mom I Love You." Said in the same soft sad voice he says 'i'm sorry' in. Yeah, I know, this one's gonna play me.

"Mom you funny." Said out of the blue whenever he's amused at something I do. Take note, when he says this, I'm not usually trying to make him laugh.

My favorite from Bear is "What's the point?"

Bear doesn't have too many favorites. He's not experimenting with words right now. He's too busy testing boundaries and limits.

Our newest creation is the "Daddy Come Home" countdown calendar. We got a posterboard and stickers. I made it into a big calendar and they colored it, all over it. We even got Drama Girl involved. Then we put stickers on today. Every night before bed, they will put a sticker on it, as a countdown to the day daddy comes home (Feb. 23 for those wondering).

My only concern is how to break it to Turbo that he's losing his side of the bed... It's not that Turbo goes to bed in my bed. It's just that while I'm sleeping the bugger sneaks in and crawls in, and I don't wake up until morning when Bear comes in for his morning snuggle around 6 a.m. Bear comes in and dozes for an hour or two, but Turbo usually slips in late at night and is clever enough not to wake me.

p.s. Tonight's Old Time Star Trek, you know, the William Shatner one, (Go Capt. Kirk you da Main Man) is the one with Abraham Lincoln. This one's a chipper one, not the tormented one suffering from a great malaise of the spirit that history claims.

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