Thursday, February 01, 2007

13 Rambling Thoughts

In no particular order, random thoughts I've had today:

1. Why did my mother have to be the mother that told her daughters that wearing a bikini was how you got pregnant?

2. Why can't I find the place on Technorati that does hit counters, and have to be the idiot blogger that uses both technorati and site meter because it's all just too much and I've just had it with this danged contraption.

3. How on earth am I going to lose weight when I'm always hungry?

4. After your insultingly low offer, 18K below our asking price, and my reasonable counter-offer asking you to fork up at least another 7k, what is their to discuss that is taking so freakin' long, it's yes or no people.

5. Where are my boys?

6. I want to babble about the latest, most ironic, and interesting thing, I'm a set to burstin' to tell, I wanna share, I do I do, but it's too much emotionally, and it's most likely not a thing that may work out but a distant hope, or more likely, the universe frakkin' with us again. Someone Up There has a bizarre sense of humor. But how mad are Ed, More Gravy, M, and et al going to be mad at me if it does manifest and I tell them after?

7. Is multi-grain spaghetti really that much healthier than regular ole spaghetti?

8. I'm home, alone, with three children, and about to open a beer. Does this mean I'm a problem drinker, since I'm not socializing with another adult while drinking, or can I count the fact I'm blogging about it socializing, or is the fact I'm blogging about my drinking a beer, that I really need right now, just a cry for help?

9. If I said it was a cry for help, would someone send me more beer?

10. The comment in six is in no way related to anything involving pregnancy.

11. Do I HAVE to play Mall Rat with my daughter this weekend, since I've weasled out if it twice already and she's totally forgotten I was supposed to play? I mean, is it okay to ignore the fact that she sets it up and sits alone in her room pretending the cat is playing? Don't I have enough guilt from just being a product of Catholicism?

12. Isn't there a religion that doesn't require going to church? I don't mind the God bits, or the Saints and stuff, but that hour in church once a week is such a committment... (I know I know shuddup)

13. What is French Provincial?


Pageant Mom said...

You can come over and have a beer with me anytime and we'll watch the kids while we're at it!!

French provencial is off-white and gold furniture that little girls in my generation were forced to have in their rooms because it was "girly."

Mine ended up polka dotted from a crazed rage with fingernail polish when I was 13 over a boy. My parents STILL have that ugly-ass furniture, at the polish is still there too. YUCK!

MommasWorld said...

Loved the list!

Pageant Mom has a great idea. Lets all three get together. I believe I would enjoy hanging out with the two of you.

French Provincial - Here are a few that I am looking at for the Livingroom. I like # 043, 0421, 04725

I cannot get the counters to work on blog so I said what the heck.

When I was house hunting I thought I took a long time (one day) to make an offer or say I wasn’t interested. I hope you get a buyer like me  REAL SOON!

Lahdeedah said...

Honestly, why can't you two be my neighbors...

'won't you be, my neighbor...'