Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday night dinner

Eggs are evil for you.

Ham is salty, and bad for you.

Tomatos aren't bad for you. But when you fry them in egg and ham residue they are evil.

Tonight's dinner was a yummy ham steak glazed with brown sugar and apple cider vinegar, eggs, over easy, and yum, fried tomatos.

I didn't think anyone would really go crazy over it. My family is pretty blase about food. My preschoolers generally only familiar with scrambled eggs loaded with cheese...

Turbo and Bear gobbled up the eggs and ham, not so much the tomatoes, and Drama whined there wasn't more ham. Well, ham is pricey. I mean, I just got a small, fat slab and I thought it was overpriced, even on sale!

Go me.

As it is, they upgraded my blog. There's LOTS of new features. I so don't have time for new features.

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