Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Minds of the Young

"Look, look, Daddy," says Bear, pointing to the picture of Daddy above the couch.

"Daddy wants to come out, mommy, daddy wants to come out of the picture," Bear tells me.

"Yeah, yeah, Daddy wanna come out," agrees Turbo.

Uh Oh. This is clearly an indication that the boys' patience with Daddy being gone is running out. Time for a reminder.

"Do you know where Daddy is?" I ask Turbo.

"Daddy there," says Turbo, pointing to the picture. "Daddy wanna come out."

I look at Bear.

"But where is the REAL daddy?"

"Colorado!" yells Bear.

"Yeah, yeah, Colorado," says Turbo.

"And what's he doing in Colorado?" I ask.

"Buying Bash more french fries!" exclaims Bash.

"Daddy got to Colorado. Daddy gotta buy Bash more french fries," explained Turbo. "Bash need new french fries."

"Daddy is working in Colorado, buddies." I say. "Do you know when you'll see him? You'll see him in March." This is when Daddy is going use Stepdaddy's frequent flier miles to visit.

"Yeah," says Bear. "I wanna march with Daddy. I'm gonna march march with daddy."

So glad I could clear things up for them.


David said...

He's probably saying, "My God! It's snowing again!"

Anonymous said...

Probably more like grumbling "wish the boys would hurry and grow up so I can get them to shovel all this snow for me."


P.S. Who's Bash?